Jonathan Beals

Jonathan Beals

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First Name * Jonathan
Last Name * Beals
Username * TheBeals
Country * USA
City Portland
Nationality American
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Lighter;Modeller;Renderer
Areas of Expertise ArchitectureAutomotiveGames ComputerGames ConsoleLighting DesignMotion Picture or VideoSculptureTelevisonVFXstudent
Preferred Tools I am a modeler and a lighter. I am able to model high detailed polygonal models as well as use zbrush and mudbox to sculpt extremely high detailed models . My specialty is in hard surface modeling. I am also able to light photo-realistically/stylized scenes. I have been using Mental Ray for about four years now and I am becoming more familiar with Rendman (<1 year). I have an outstanding knowledge of rendering techniques and styles to increase productivity.After EffectsCharactersDreamWeaverLightingPremiereZBrushHDR ShopGIMPMEL ScriptMudboxmodellingRenderingShadingVrayTexturingModelingMental Ray3ds maxLinuxBodyPaintArchitectural Visualisation3D Studio MaxPost ProductionRendermanWings3D


Availability: Freelance


Works at Hinge Digital as a look development and lighting artist.


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